Funniest Minecraft servers

Minecraft is a very popular game with millions of players. Playing on Minecraft servers with your friends is one way to enjoy it. There are many servers available for different players, but this article will concentrate on the most fun.

These servers might have some funny things, such as glitches and traps. Server makers must be innovative and keep up to date with the latest trends to ensure people continue to return to play.

Listed below are five extremely funny Minecraft servers to check out.

5) MC Prison – IP:

MC Prison is the funniest Minecraft prison server players will ever come across! PvP is available outside of spawn. This creates chaos and hilarious moments. The server’s gameplay is excellent and draws thousands of players daily from all around the globe.

Making money is the main focus of MC Prison. There are many ways to do this. These methods include starting a black market business, creating an underground gang and completing mazes & parksour maps, mining epic loot to buy, and many more.

Roleplay Hub IP:

Roleplay Hub offers two roleplay servers to Minecraft players. The most popular of the two Minecraft roleplay servers revolves around a Japanese high-school setting inside a beautiful city.

There are many other players in the school, all of whom roleplay as real students. There will be many hilarious moments, as one would expect in such an environment.

Dream SMP

Although the Dream SMP Minecraft SMP Server cannot be joined by the general public, it is undoubtedly one the most fun Minecraft servers ever created.

Humor is a regular occurrence with some of the most prominent Minecraft YouTube personalities like Ramboo, Tommyinnit and Purpled playing and recording the server almost every day.

You can follow the Dream SMP cast via the appropriate YouTube/Twitch channels.


Inspired by real Grand Theft Auto games and MC-GTA, MC-GTA offers a thrilling gaming experience for Minecrafters.

The server includes a full-scale Los Santos replica called “Mine Santos.” You will find humor and destruction in the vicinity, as well as guns, cars and helicopters. There will be something completely crazy happening somewhere on the map.

DogeCraft IP:

DogeCraft, a Minecraft survival server, is relaxed and offers many enhancements such as Mcmmo, Jobs Land-Protection Events, Mcmmo, Mcmmo, and more.

This server was established over a decade ago and takes pride not to take itself too seriously. DogeCraft is very welcoming to new players. Players will have a lot of fun on this friendly server with its banter, jokes, and memes.

Best Minecraft Servers: 6 Top Picks!

If you’re looking for the ultimate Minecraft servers, then you’re in the right place.

Minecraft servers play an integral part of the game’s overall charm and vary significantly. They are known for being diverse, differing widely from each other, even if the game’s overall mode is identical.

As there are numerous Minecraft servers available, it can be challenging to choose suitable ones for your gameplay.

This article will take you through a Minecraft server list featuring the absolute best. These entries have made it on the list based on their popularity, gameplay mechanics, builds, and overall design.

You’d also be pleased to know that all the servers mentioned here are free. So, keep reading to learn more.

Top 5 Minecraft Servers

In no particular order, here are the top six Minecraft servers that you can try today!


First, we have Grand Theft Minecart, an excellent server that combines the two biggest PC games: Grand Theft Auto & Minecraft. The best part of this server is that you do not need to download any mods.

When you use this server, you’ll have the option to use more than 35 weapons, including pistols, machine guns, snipers, and shotguns.  In addition, you can also drive cars, planes, or even tanks; all these happen within the blocky realm of Minecraft.

Right from the beginning to the end, Grand Theft Minecart will deliver a fantastic gaming experience. Plus, if you’re a fan of GTA, you’ll surely love this server. With pesky cops to evade, weapons to use and houses to own, this server delivers a fantastic GTA experience.

IP Address: MC-GTM.NET


If you’re wondering which Minecraft servers are the largest ones in existence, Mineplex is one of them. It features multiple zones and arenas for a large variety of game types. Moreover, this server boasts thousands of Minecraft players at all times.

Mineplex gives out a studio-like MMO feel. That’s because of its amazing detail, making it among the top servers in our Minecraft server list. Thanks to the ever-present body of players and staff on the server, you always have someone to play with. The Mineplex server is also an excellent destination for playing Minekart, a blocky version of Mario Kart.


3.     HYPIXEL

Almost every gamer must have come across the Hypixel server at least once in their gaming lifetimes. It’s also worth noting that it’s by far the largest server of Minecraft in the world. Hypixel boasts over 100,000 active players during peak hours of the day.

Hypixel’s success results from the innovation and continuous effort for perfection showcased within the server’s game modes in the last few years. It features tons of distinct game modes, including the popular ones like the TNT-tag, Skyblog, Skywars, and Bedwars.

Additionally, Hypixel is bursting with some fantastic minigames, including a Murder Mystery, Duels, and Cops and Crims.



The Jartex Network server is another excellent choice in our Minecraft server list.It offers numerous unique and popular game modes for you to pick from. Among the many modes, the most trending ones include Kitpvp, Prison, and Factions. It’s also worth mentioning that the server has a lot of daily active players, which proves its enjoyability.

That said, the game modes’ underlying quality is what sets this server apart from the rest. Every aspect boasts a well-refined and highly polished feel right from the beginning.



Purple Prison is another excellent server for Minecraft players of all skill levels to enjoy. As the name suggests, it involves a digital prison world, where you have to mine and fight your way through multiple prison levels to progress. In addition, you can also acquire plots of land, create in-game shops, or even take part in daily events.   

The server also boasts thousands of returning players daily. Besides that, some of the most prominent YouTubers have also played on the server, including Skeppy and PewDiePie.

The server has a solid and tight-knit community of 23,000 Discord members. It also sports a massive moderation team that keeps it safe and appropriate for every user at all times.



When it comes to PvP, Minemen Club takes the lead compared to other Minecraft servers. The server is widely known for its custom anti-cheat services. As such, it is the absolute best server for practicing your PvP skills without having to worry about potential cheaters.

The Minemen Club server mainly focuses on one-on-one duels between players. Additionally, it offers non-ranked and ranked play for different duel types, which include popular duel types like Refill, Sumo, Archer, Debuff, and No Debuff.


Bottom Line

So, what did you think of the top mentions in our Minecraft server list? These are some of the leading servers that most avid Minecraft players use, and we’re confident that you’ll have a positive experience trying them. 

Minecraft Server List: Ultimate Bedwars Minecraft Servers

Bedwars is perhaps one of the fastest-growing and increasingly popular games available in several Minecraft servers at present.

If you’re not familiar with Bedwars, it’s essentially a fun and exciting PvP game. Here, you spawn in a particular map, and you win by destroying other players’ beds.  As long as your bed isn’t destroyed, you can keep playing, meaning protecting your bed is of utmost importance!

Protecting your bed against other players and also searching and destroying their beds can be quite a fun experience. For this reason, many servers now incorporate Bedwars as a way to attract more active Minecraft gamers.

In this article, you’ll come across the best Minecraft servers that feature Bedwars. So, keep reading to find out!

Top Bedwars Minecraft Servers

Here is a Minecraft server list featuring the best Bedwars that you can play today!

1.     Herobrine

Herobrine is downright one of the ultimate best Minecraft servers, with thousands of active Bedwars games users.

If you’re one of those casual Minecraft Bedwars gamers, then you’re going to love this server. That’s because the network always has a decent number of players at all times to play with. Furthermore, you can easily and almost quickly grasp how their Bedwars mode works without any issue.

Apart from Bedwars, it also features several other game modes, including Sky Wars, Earth Towny, Factions, Skyblock, and Survival. The server announced a recent update regarding their Bedwars mode, claiming to make the performance more seamless for their users.

IP –

2.     Hypixel

As the largest server for Minecraft, it comes as no surprise that Hypixel offers Bedwars. In fact, it’s the first server to introduce Bedwars, so some even consider it the founders of the game. Nonetheless, similar games were still available before Hypixel introduced their version of Bedwars.

IP –

3.     Jartex

Jartex is another fantastic Minecraft server that offers Bedwars. The unique part about this server’s Bedwars is that it features all types of modes.

As such, you’re free to choose and play whatever you want, from Bedwars solo, doubles, to triples or quadruples. In addition, there is also some interesting Bedwars map available on Jartex.

IP –

4.     Mineplex

Mineplex has been around for quite a long time and used to be among the largest servers.

While the number of players declined over the years, it still has a pretty consistent user base. The reason for this is due to the server’s unique and fun game modes. The Mineplesx offers its own unique version of Bedwars and calls it Cakewars. It’s a game every Minecraft should try once.

There are Cake Wars Quads and Cake Wars Duos available too. That said, you need to keep in mind that most players on Mineplex Cake Wars are not casual gamers. As such, it can be a bit challenging.

IP –


The Bedwars on is pretty identical to the one on The only difference is that the offers a more challenging environment. The reason for this is because the server is mainly dominated by players who have more experience.

As such, it’s a perfect server, especially if you’re trying to refine your skills by fighting against more experienced gamers.

IP –

6.     Sky Kingdoms

Sky Kingdoms is another excellent Minecraft server for anyone who enjoys Bedwars. The server also boasts a massive number of daily active players. On top of that, Sky Kingdoms also offer several other game modes that are typically available on every high-quality server.

While it offers a multiple awesome game modes, the Bedwars on Sky Kingdoms performs reasonably well for the server. Sky Kingdoms is one such server that is definitely worth trying, especially for avid fans of such game types. 

IP –

7.     Mineland

If you’re looking for a creative server, Mineland is your answer. Not only does it let you design your own mini-games, but it also hosts frequent contests and create builds.

And like any popular Minecraft server, it also boasts an active tight-knit Bedwars audience. Furthermore, Mineland offers a well-designed in-game economy, especially for this mode. Plus, it even rewards you with bonuses, including kits and other benefits.

Lastly, there are many unique maps on Mineland, making it an ideal server for all Minecraft Bedwars fans.

IP –

8.     Twerion

A German-speaking server for Minecraft, Twerion has seen steady growth in popularity. It boasts hundreds of active gamers each month. There are numerous game modes available on the server, including Bedwars.

Additionally, Twerion caters to both premium and cracked players, making it one of the top Minecraft servers for playing Bedwars.

9.     Blockdrop

Blockdrop offers a myriad of game modes that are typically available on most popular servers, like Survival, Creative, Skyblock, etc. Nonetheless, Bedwars is one of the server’s main focuses.

The server even has an active player base for this game mode. Additionally, Blockdrop has some very stringent rules against cheating through hacking or other similar tactics. The server has also introduced a Sims-inspired mode known as City Life, which you might want to check out as well.

IP –


So, these are some of the top Minecraft servers that you can try for playing Bedwars. If you’re a fan of Bedwars games, then you’ll surely have a fun experience playing it on one of these servers.

Best Minecraft PVP servers

Like any other multiplayer game, PVP is an integral part of Minecraft’s core gameplay mechanics.

PVP Minecraft servers enable you to take part in intense multiplayer combats, making them fiercely competitive. Essentially, PVP servers are ruthless environments with very little room for second chances. The fun part of this server is the risk of losing items that take hours to earn in battle.

In PvP Minecraft servers, there’s a Practice PvP server, where you fight against others with infinite potions, weapons, and armor.  The Best Pvp Minecraft servers boast numerous concurrent online players to combat with. Additionally, these servers also get several content updates regularly, with mechanics and gameplay continually improving.

In this article, you’ll be introduced to a Minecraft server list featuring the top five PvP servers. So, let’s find out!

6 Top-Notch PvP Minecraft Servers

Here is our very own PvP Minecraft server list featuring only the highly favored and most popular choices.

1.     PvP Land

Do you wish to practice Minecraft PvP? If so, then this server is a popular option. The reason behind the popularity is the availability of the server’s unique “bot combats” system.

It’s a brilliant and unique addition that ensures that there’s always a battle to take part in at any time. Plus, there is no penalty for losing combat. It’s all about practicing when battling against a bot.

You can also adjust the bots’ skill rating as per your choice. This allows you to refine your PvP skills at your own convenience, without any pressure from other real players.  Additionally, PvP land has various popular PvP game modes for you to practice, such as 1v1 style duels and Bedwars.

2.     Purple Prison

Purple Prison is another brilliant and fun Minecraft PvP-Prison hybrid server. It features a unique progression system that rewards the best PvP players. Upon joining, you’ll find yourself in a spawn area with numerous players fighting against each other right away.

Compared to other prison servers with less focus on PvP mechanics, the stakes are quite high on the Purple Prison server. Here, several players combat against each other daily, with items that required hours of effort to acquire.

Furthermore, you can obtain a PvP kit for free upon joining by entering “/kit PvP” in the chatbox. After claiming it, you can instantly participate in one of the brutal PvP combats seen around spawn.

There is also a Sumo PvP minigame on the server, where you can bet in-game money. Also, Purple Prison supports both wagered gang duels and 1v1 duels.

3.     Lunar Network

Lunar Network is another popular and excellent PvP practice server for Minecraft. This means the players typically join this server to participate in classic 1v1 combats and settle their differences.

The fact that it has created a unique custom game client makes Lunar Network so great. Furthermore, you can download this client and use it for refining your overall PvP experience. Additionally, the client features several PvP game mods, followed by FPS enhancements.

In addition, the client enables you to take part in combats confidently, thanks to the solid built-in anti-cheat system.

4.     Munchy MC

Next, we have the Munchy MC, another fantastic PvP server on our Minecraft server list for PvP. The best part about this sever is that it comes with numerous game modes, including Kit-PvP, Factions, and Survival. Also, each one of these modes features a massive use of PvP elements.

Unlike other faction or survival servers, this server makes sure that it enables PvP consistently for every player. As a result, the server features intense battles with very high stakes. This means, when you can’t reach the standard PvP level, you might lose your items to other opportunistic Minecraft players.

5.     Hypixel

Hypixel has been around for about seven years. Nonetheless, it still remains one of the much-favored and popular Minecraft servers.

While not every game mode available on Hypixel includes PvP mechanics, it still dominates the PvP genre. Hypixel offers some highly PvP-related game modes, including The walls, Skywars, Bedwars, and UHC.

 These minigames focus heavily on PvP mechanics, making Hypixel an excellent option for players seeking the best PvP server.

6.     ViperMC

ViperMC is a great Minecraft server managed by the same administrators of the famous VeltPvP. The ViperMC server features “Kit maps,” which is a type of PvP based game. Here, you can collect a predefined number of kits and combat with other players for points.

The ViperMC server is also quite popular among the tight-knit HCF community of Minecraft. Additionally, most players consider ViperMC as among the largest HCF server at present.

Final Say

So, there you have it. These are some of the top-notch PvP Minecraft servers that you can get try this season. Each one comes with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Regardless, whichever option you choose, you’ll surely have an enjoyable experience.

Best minecraft server modes?

Every seasoned Minecraft player has used at least one or two Minecraft servers. And since you have found yourself here, chances are you aren’t new to Minecraft servers as well.

Servers are an excellent way for you to enjoy multiplayer gameplay in Minecraft with like-minded people. Moreover, servers include tons of vibrant additions and objectives, making your gameplay all the more immersive.

However, several new variants of servers have popped up in recent years. For this reason, it can be slightly confusing to decide which one you like best. That’s why we’re here to help. This article will cover the best types of servers for Minecraft. So, keep reading to find out!

Top 7 Types of Servers for Minecraft

 Here are the eight best types of servers for Minecraft:

1.     PvP

PvP or Player Vs. Player servers are pretty fun. Here, you’ll have to participate in one-on-one battles with other Minecraft players actively. Since the typical spawn areas are at times under the focus of camping players, you’ll need proper PvP survival skills. Nonetheless, it’s enjoyable, especially if you can leave the spawn areas and tool up.

Minecraft PvP servers are of two main types. The first one is the typical PvP server, where stealing or griefing isn’t allowed. The other one is the hardcore PvP server, where griefing and stealing are permitted, making it quite brutal at times.

2.     Survival

It’s perhaps the oldest and less creative type of server. However, don’t be mistaken; it’s enjoyable to play. Survival Minecraft servers are almost similar to the offline version of Minecraft. The key difference between the two is that survival servers feature other players, unlike the original single-player gameplay.

A typical Minecraft Survival server will not feature a PvP area and won’t allow griefing.  Nonetheless, some survival servers keep things interesting by incorporating exciting plots and storylines.

3.     Prison

The prison server type is a fairly new concept in the Minecraft world. On this server, you have multiple ways to rank up. To achieve this, you must acquire enough server currency.

The prison server is all about mining, which is what made Minecraft so famous. Here, the game is set in a prison, where you need to start mining and gathering resources. You can then convert these resources into in-game currency, which can help earn ranks or levels. Some prison servers even let you attain freedom after you reach a specific level.

4.     Creative

The Minecraft creative server type is excellent for those who wish to build their own Minecraft designs without having to worry about other hostile mobs or players. Within this server, you get unlimited blocks.

As such, you won’t have to worry about the mountains, hills, or other biomes. Your priority here is to show your creations. Creative Minecraft servers are excellent if you’re enthusiastic about Minecraft pixel art and builds. 

5.     Challenge

As you can tell by its name, Challenge Minecraft servers feature ordeals for you to overcome with your ingenuity and skills. The challenges vary from one server to another.  For instance, it can be as simple as creating an underwater base or  finishing a challenging parkour course.

The administrators of the servers define the challenges. Nonetheless, it can be quite a test for a Minecraft player of any level. For instance, the parkour map called Stick Tower tests your skills as you climb a high tower of 250 blocks and collect eleven sticks as you progress.

6.     Factions  

Minecraft faction servers are group servers that offer tons of entertainment. Essentially, two or more opposing teams or factions compete with each other. To increase their chances of acquiring success, you need to unite your team members.

The server also encourages griefing and stealing without any limitation. It really is exciting and engaging when you can raid an opposing team’s town and grab as many resources and items as possible. Such a type of server is perfect for building formidable bonds with other players.

7.     Roleplay

Typical Minecraft Role-play servers encourage players to act according to their given roles. For instance, if you have taken the role of a blacksmith, you must only focus on crafting blacksmith items.

You must not start growing crops since that’s the role of a farmer.  A roleplay server is a fun place, especially if you’re seeking to experience something like Dungeons and Dragons.

8.     Hunger Games

As the name suggests, this server is inspired by the hit Hollywood movie, the Hunger Games, starring Jennifer Lawrence. On this server, each player must battle to the death. Before the game starts, you’ll get a minute of invincibility to get the items you’ll need to fight.

Players must then fight till only one remain. Additionally, you can make in-game purchases that give you an advantage over other players.


So, these are some of the common types of servers for Minecraft at present. There are other servers aside from these that you can explore as well. However, in most cases, the servers mentioned here are enough for almost every Minecraft player.