Lighting with fire rods ?

Minecraft encourages creativity. Minecraft is a game that encourages creativity. Players have made everything, from cities to working calculators, and shared them with others on sites like Reddit.

Reddit user u/Man_Of_Awesome recently posted a video to the r/Minecraft Subreddit, which featured a special lightning effect that was created using a lightning rod.

Minecraft Redditor creates lighting effects using lightning rods

The short video by u/Man_Of_Awesome shows a player looking up at a few lights in the ceiling while standing in a hallway. The sound of thunder and lightning strike suddenly. The lights dimming and flickering suddenly causes the hallway to look haunted. Reddit users were also intrigued by the build and commented quickly on the Reddit post.

Reddit users thought it would make a great horror map.

Minecraft allows players to create many maps that will set the right atmosphere for horror. For setting the mood for a horror story, thunder and lightning are ideal. Redditors who saw this thread believed that flickering lightning would make a great addition to a horror map because of the added realism it brings to the game.

Redditors were curious to see the process.

Redditors were intrigued by the effect that caused Minecraft’s lightning to flicker during a storm. Redditors were able to learn from u/Man_Of_Awesome, who explained in the comments that they used a lightning rod and redstone for the effect.

Redditors were keen to know if there was a tutorial.

This build by u/Man_Of_Awesome can certainly make any world seem spooky or more realistic. Redditors requested a tutorial to help them use this idea in their own builds. Unfortunately, this tutorial is not available at the moment.

Maybe there will be more lightning rods used in the future

It’s possible that there will be a map in the future that uses this incredible flickering effect, as Redditors are showing so much interest in it.

Reddit is an amazing place for players to get inspiration for their builds. It is only a matter time before someone takes the incredible idea from u/Man_Of_Awesome, and builds on it.

Amazing seeds for Minecraft starts

The world structure and features are changed by Minecraft seeds. With the Caves and Cliffs updates, the most significant impact on Minecraft’s world generation has been made by the 1.18 update.

This article will highlight 10 amazing seeds that are compatible with PS5 update 1.18. These seeds have been specifically tested for compatibility with PS5 and may also work on other Bedrock editions.

Top 10 Minecraft 1.18 Seeds that PS5 Players Should Try Out

10) Multi-biome spawn

Seed: 79067

This Minecraft seed is an excellent spawn point. It allows easy access to tons biomes because everything is within close proximity. It is also a great choice for Minecraft survival server.

The seed offers incredible views and spectacular spectacles. This seed contains a jungle biome as well as a mesa and mountain biomes. There is even a mushroom island biome nearby.

9) Islands cliffs and lush caves

Seed: 816802188

This seed has island cliffs that have frozen peaks. These peaks are not common in the ocean. Because it is so remote, this island is quite unusual. It’s not often one sees such a large island in the middle the ocean.

8) Stronghold village, surrounded by mountains

Seed: -1624341177

This seed allows players to see a small village set in a lush green area with snowy mountains. Because of the extreme contrast, you can enjoy amazing views because of the biomes’ vast differences.

It has numerous cave entrances that are easily accessible, and a large cave system beneath which players can mine many resources.

7) A double mansion in the woods

Seed: -521592599

Two mansions are located in this seed, 400 hundred blocks apart, in a beautiful forest area. Each mansion has stunning views of the ocean and one even has a lush cave underneath. This seed is perfect for anyone looking for easy loot and not too much work.

6) Mountain in clouds

Seed: -969535336

The seed contains an extremely strangely-generated mountain that is very difficult to climb. You can look down at the savannah biomes from this mountain. This mountain is surrounded by the Savannah Biome, which gives it an interesting look. Mountain lovers will love this seed.

5) Rectangular mountains

Seed: -549208177

Next on the list is a strangely symmetrical rectangular mountain shape that surrounds a wooded area. Because of their incredible shape, these mountain ranges can be breathtaking.

Mountains also have tons of iron, coal and emeralds, which are easily visible and available for anyone who is interested.

4) A beautiful, lush cave

Seed: -1429322363

This is one the largest lush caves and it contains not one, but two mineshafts. It is a stunning sight to behold the combination of waterfalls and lava as well as multiple levels within the cave.

This cave could be used to create a whole new civilization. This cave is a great place for players who enjoy building.

3) Windswept island village

Seed: -960582422

This village is incredible, it hangs above nothing and is windswept. It’s a large island that houses tons of villagers spread across Minecraft.

This amazing seed is certainly worth looking into. It is also a great location to build a village. This seed is unique and should be tried by all players.

2) Incredible windswept bamboo seed

Seed: 1686559000

This Minecraft seed allows players to see an amazing windswept bamboo area with tons of floating islands and cool waterfalls.

This biome has a very different look than most biomes. It features tons of mysterious world structures.

1) A lake in the middle a huge crater

Seed: 8624896

This Minecraft seed will spawn a player at a high mountain. A player can climb this mountain to enjoy an amazing view. The lake is located in the hollow of a large crater.

You can look around and find one of the nearby villages or a raider outpost.

How to run a modded server for Minecraft

Minecraft modded servers have a huge following. Many of them are very popular, including Minecraft Pixelmon Server which has thousands of concurrent users.

Although creating a Minecraft modded server is not easy, it can be rewarding. Gamers can modify and install mods to their hearts’ content without any compromise.

How to create your own modded Minecraft server?

This guide will show you how to set up your modded server in Minecraft the fastest and easiest way possible.

1) Download and install the Forge server

Downloading the Forge server software is the first step in setting up a Minecraft modded servers. You can find it here.

Double-click the downloaded file to launch the.jar file.

After you launch, you will be presented with the option to “install server”. Click this option and hit the “OK”.

Step 2. Step 2.) Accept the EULA

Before you can launch Minecraft, you must agree to the terms of Mojang, the creators of Minecraft.

Simply navigate to the server directory, and change the eula.txt from “eula=falseā€ to “eula=true”.

3. Install mods

It is obvious that Minecraft modded servers are incomplete without having a variety of mods.

New server administrators can visit the CurseForge official site. It hosts an index of nearly all Minecraft mods created and their downloads.

You can install mods that you have downloaded by dropping the mod.jar file in the folder “mods” located within the main server directory.

Port forward

Server administrators will need to make sure they have properly port forwarded their router in order to allow connection access to outsiders.

Port forwarding is different for each router manufacturer and internet service provider (ISP). Below is a good guide to how to port forward Minecraft servers.

Last Thoughts

While most gamers should not have any trouble following this guide to create their modded server, there are some issues that can occur.

These are some helpful tips to help you troubleshoot technical problems.