Amazing seeds for Minecraft starts

29th Jan, 2023

Amazing seeds for Minecraft starts

The world structure and features are changed by Minecraft seeds. With the Caves and Cliffs updates, the most significant impact on Minecraft's world generation has been made by the 1.18 update.

This article will highlight 10 amazing seeds that are compatible with PS5 update 1.18. These seeds have been specifically tested for compatibility with PS5 and may also work on other Bedrock editions.

Top 10 Minecraft 1.18 Seeds that PS5 Players Should Try Out

10) Multi-biome spawn

Seed: 79067

This Minecraft seed is an excellent spawn point. It allows easy access to tons biomes because everything is within close proximity. It is also a great choice for Minecraft survival server.

The seed offers incredible views and spectacular spectacles. This seed contains a jungle biome as well as a mesa and mountain biomes. There is even a mushroom island biome nearby.

9) Islands cliffs and lush caves

Seed: 816802188

This seed has island cliffs that have frozen peaks. These peaks are not common in the ocean. Because it is so remote, this island is quite unusual. It's not often one sees such a large island in the middle the ocean.

8) Stronghold village, surrounded by mountains

Seed: -1624341177

This seed allows players to see a small village set in a lush green area with snowy mountains. Because of the extreme contrast, you can enjoy amazing views because of the biomes' vast differences.

It has numerous cave entrances that are easily accessible, and a large cave system beneath which players can mine many resources.

7) A double mansion in the woods

Seed: -521592599

Two mansions are located in this seed, 400 hundred blocks apart, in a beautiful forest area. Each mansion has stunning views of the ocean and one even has a lush cave underneath. This seed is perfect for anyone looking for easy loot and not too much work.

6) Mountain in clouds

Seed: -969535336

The seed contains an extremely strangely-generated mountain that is very difficult to climb. You can look down at the savannah biomes from this mountain. This mountain is surrounded by the Savannah Biome, which gives it an interesting look. Mountain lovers will love this seed.

5) Rectangular mountains

Seed: -549208177

Next on the list is a strangely symmetrical rectangular mountain shape that surrounds a wooded area. Because of their incredible shape, these mountain ranges can be breathtaking.

Mountains also have tons of iron, coal and emeralds, which are easily visible and available for anyone who is interested.

4) A beautiful, lush cave

Seed: -1429322363

This is one the largest lush caves and it contains not one, but two mineshafts. It is a stunning sight to behold the combination of waterfalls and lava as well as multiple levels within the cave.

This cave could be used to create a whole new civilization. This cave is a great place for players who enjoy building.

3) Windswept island village

Seed: -960582422

This village is incredible, it hangs above nothing and is windswept. It's a large island that houses tons of villagers spread across Minecraft.

This amazing seed is certainly worth looking into. It is also a great location to build a village. This seed is unique and should be tried by all players.

2) Incredible windswept bamboo seed

Seed: 1686559000

This Minecraft seed allows players to see an amazing windswept bamboo area with tons of floating islands and cool waterfalls.

This biome has a very different look than most biomes. It features tons of mysterious world structures.

1) A lake in the middle a huge crater

Seed: 8624896

This Minecraft seed will spawn a player at a high mountain. A player can climb this mountain to enjoy an amazing view. The lake is located in the hollow of a large crater.

You can look around and find one of the nearby villages or a raider outpost.