Best Minecraft PVP servers

27th Jan, 2023

Best Minecraft PVP servers

Like any other multiplayer game, PVP is an integral part of Minecraft's core gameplay mechanics.

PVP Minecraft servers enable you to take part in intense multiplayer combats, making them fiercely competitive. Essentially, PVP servers are ruthless environments with very little room for second chances. The fun part of this server is the risk of losing items that take hours to earn in battle.

In PvP Minecraft servers, there's a Practice PvP server, where you fight against others with infinite potions, weapons, and armor.  The Best Pvp Minecraft servers boast numerous concurrent online players to combat with. Additionally, these servers also get several content updates regularly, with mechanics and gameplay continually improving.

In this article, you'll be introduced to a Minecraft server list featuring the top five PvP servers. So, let's find out!

6 Top-Notch PvP Minecraft Servers

Here is our very own PvP Minecraft servers featuring only the highly favored and most popular choices.

1.     PvP Land

Do you wish to practice Minecraft PvP? If so, then this server is a popular option. The reason behind the popularity is the availability of the server's unique “bot combats” system.

It's a brilliant and unique addition that ensures that there's always a battle to take part in at any time. Plus, there is no penalty for losing combat. It's all about practicing when battling against a bot.

You can also adjust the bots' skill rating as per your choice. This allows you to refine your PvP skills at your own convenience, without any pressure from other real players.  Additionally, PvP land has various popular PvP game modes for you to practice, such as 1v1 style duels and Bedwars.

2.     Purple Prison

Purple Prison is another brilliant and fun Minecraft PvP-Prison hybrid server. It features a unique progression system that rewards the best PvP players. Upon joining, you'll find yourself in a spawn area with numerous players fighting against each other right away.

Compared to other prison servers with less focus on PvP mechanics, the stakes are quite high on the Purple Prison server. Here, several players combat against each other daily, with items that required hours of effort to acquire.

Furthermore, you can obtain a PvP kit for free upon joining by entering “/kit PvP” in the chatbox. After claiming it, you can instantly participate in one of the brutal PvP combats seen around spawn.

There is also a Sumo PvP minigame on the server, where you can bet in-game money. Also, Purple Prison supports both wagered gang duels and 1v1 duels.

3.     Lunar Network

Lunar Network is another popular and excellent PvP practice server for Minecraft. This means the players typically join this server to participate in classic 1v1 combats and settle their differences.

The fact that it has created a unique custom game client makes Lunar Network so great. Furthermore, you can download this client and use it for refining your overall PvP experience. Additionally, the client features several PvP game mods, followed by FPS enhancements.

In addition, the client enables you to take part in combats confidently, thanks to the solid built-in anti-cheat system.

4.     Munchy MC

Next, we have the Munchy MC, another fantastic PvP server on our Minecraft servers for PvP. The best part about this sever is that it comes with numerous game modes, including Kit-PvP, Factions, and Survival. Also, each one of these modes features a massive use of PvP elements.

Unlike other faction or survival servers, this server makes sure that it enables PvP consistently for every player. As a result, the server features intense battles with very high stakes. This means, when you can't reach the standard PvP level, you might lose your items to other opportunistic Minecraft players.

5.     Hypixel

Hypixel has been around for about seven years. Nonetheless, it still remains one of the much-favored and popular Minecraft servers.

While not every game mode available on Hypixel includes PvP mechanics, it still dominates the PvP genre. Hypixel offers some highly PvP-related game modes, including The walls, Skywars, Bedwars, and UHC.

 These minigames focus heavily on PvP mechanics, making Hypixel an excellent option for players seeking the best PvP server.

6.     ViperMC

ViperMC is a great Minecraft server managed by the same administrators of the famous VeltPvP. The ViperMC server features “Kit maps,” which is a type of PvP based game. Here, you can collect a predefined number of kits and combat with other players for points.

The ViperMC server is also quite popular among the tight-knit HCF community of Minecraft. Additionally, most players consider ViperMC as among the largest HCF server at present.

Final Say

So, there you have it. These are some of the top-notch PvP Minecraft servers that you can get try this season. Each one comes with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Regardless, whichever option you choose, you'll surely have an enjoyable experience.