Best minecraft server modes?

20th Jan, 2023

Best minecraft server modes?

Every seasoned Minecraft player has used at least one or two Minecraft servers. And since you have found yourself here, chances are you aren't new to Minecraft servers as well.

Servers are an excellent way for you to enjoy multiplayer gameplay in Minecraft with like-minded people. Moreover, servers include tons of vibrant additions and objectives, making your gameplay all the more immersive.

However, several new variants of servers have popped up in recent years. For this reason, it can be slightly confusing to decide which one you like best. That's why we're here to help. This article will cover the best types of servers for Minecraft. So, keep reading to find out!

Top 7 Types of Servers for Minecraft

 Here are the eight best types of servers for Minecraft:

1.     PvP

PvP or Player Vs. Player servers are pretty fun. Here, you'll have to participate in one-on-one battles with other Minecraft players actively. Since the typical spawn areas are at times under the focus of camping players, you'll need proper PvP survival skills. Nonetheless, it's enjoyable, especially if you can leave the spawn areas and tool up.

Minecraft PvP servers are of two main types. The first one is the typical PvP server, where stealing or griefing isn't allowed. The other one is the hardcore PvP server, where griefing and stealing are permitted, making it quite brutal at times.

2.     Survival

It's perhaps the oldest and less creative type of server. However, don't be mistaken; it's enjoyable to play. Survival Minecraft servers are almost similar to the offline version of Minecraft. The key difference between the two is that survival servers feature other players, unlike the original single-player gameplay.

A typical Minecraft Survival server will not feature a PvP area and won't allow griefing.  Nonetheless, some survival servers keep things interesting by incorporating exciting plots and storylines.

3.     Prison

The prison server type is a fairly new concept in the Minecraft world. On this server, you have multiple ways to rank up. To achieve this, you must acquire enough server currency.

The prison server is all about mining, which is what made Minecraft so famous. Here, the game is set in a prison, where you need to start mining and gathering resources. You can then convert these resources into in-game currency, which can help earn ranks or levels. Some prison servers even let you attain freedom after you reach a specific level.

4.     Creative

The Minecraft creative server type is excellent for those who wish to build their own Minecraft designs without having to worry about other hostile mobs or players. Within this server, you get unlimited blocks.

As such, you won't have to worry about the mountains, hills, or other biomes. Your priority here is to show your creations. Creative Minecraft servers are excellent if you're enthusiastic about Minecraft pixel art and builds. 

5.     Challenge

As you can tell by its name, Challenge Minecraft servers feature ordeals for you to overcome with your ingenuity and skills. The challenges vary from one server to another.  For instance, it can be as simple as creating an underwater base or  finishing a challenging parkour course.

The administrators of the servers define the challenges. Nonetheless, it can be quite a test for a Minecraft player of any level. For instance, the parkour map called Stick Tower tests your skills as you climb a high tower of 250 blocks and collect eleven sticks as you progress.

6.     Factions  

Minecraft faction servers are group servers that offer tons of entertainment. Essentially, two or more opposing teams or factions compete with each other. To increase their chances of acquiring success, you need to unite your team members.

The server also encourages griefing and stealing without any limitation. It really is exciting and engaging when you can raid an opposing team's town and grab as many resources and items as possible. Such a type of server is perfect for building formidable bonds with other players.

7.     Roleplay

Typical Minecraft Role-play servers encourage players to act according to their given roles. For instance, if you have taken the role of a blacksmith, you must only focus on crafting blacksmith items.

You must not start growing crops since that's the role of a farmer.  A roleplay server is a fun place, especially if you're seeking to experience something like Dungeons and Dragons.

8.     Hunger Games

As the name suggests, this server is inspired by the hit Hollywood movie, the Hunger Games, starring Jennifer Lawrence. On this server, each player must battle to the death. Before the game starts, you'll get a minute of invincibility to get the items you'll need to fight.

Players must then fight till only one remain. Additionally, you can make in-game purchases that give you an advantage over other players.


So, these are some of the common types of servers for Minecraft at present. There are other servers aside from these that you can explore as well. However, in most cases, the servers mentioned here are enough for almost every Minecraft player.