Funniest Minecraft servers

14th Jan, 2023

Funniest Minecraft servers

Minecraft is a very popular game with millions of players. Playing on Minecraft servers with your friends is one way to enjoy it. There are many servers available for different players, but this article will concentrate on the most fun.

These servers might have some funny things, such as glitches and traps. Server makers must be innovative and keep up to date with the latest trends to ensure people continue to return to play.

Listed below are five extremely funny Minecraft servers to check out.

5) MC Prison – IP:

MC Prison is the funniest Minecraft prison server players will ever come across! PvP is available outside of spawn. This creates chaos and hilarious moments. The server's gameplay is excellent and draws thousands of players daily from all around the globe.

Making money is the main focus of MC Prison. There are many ways to do this. These methods include starting a black market business, creating an underground gang and completing mazes & parksour maps, mining epic loot to buy, and many more.

Roleplay Hub IP:

Roleplay Hub offers two roleplay servers to Minecraft players. The most popular of the two Minecraft roleplay servers revolves around a Japanese high-school setting inside a beautiful city.

There are many other players in the school, all of whom roleplay as real students. There will be many hilarious moments, as one would expect in such an environment.

Dream SMP

Although the Dream SMP Minecraft SMP Server cannot be joined by the general public, it is undoubtedly one the most fun Minecraft servers ever created.

Humor is a regular occurrence with some of the most prominent Minecraft YouTube personalities like Ramboo, Tommyinnit and Purpled playing and recording the server almost every day.

You can follow the Dream SMP cast via the appropriate YouTube/Twitch channels.


Inspired by real Grand Theft Auto games and MC-GTA, MC-GTA offers a thrilling gaming experience for Minecrafters.

The server includes a full-scale Los Santos replica called “Mine Santos.” You will find humor and destruction in the vicinity, as well as guns, cars and helicopters. There will be something completely crazy happening somewhere on the map.

DogeCraft IP:

DogeCraft, a Minecraft survival server, is relaxed and offers many enhancements such as Mcmmo, Jobs Land-Protection Events, Mcmmo, Mcmmo, and more.

This server was established over a decade ago and takes pride not to take itself too seriously. DogeCraft is very welcoming to new players. Players will have a lot of fun on this friendly server with its banter, jokes, and memes.