Lighting with fire rods ?

28th Dec, 2022

Lighting with fire rods ?

Minecraft encourages creativity. Minecraft is a game that encourages creativity. Players have made everything, from cities to working calculators, and shared them with others on sites like Reddit.

Reddit user u/Man_Of_Awesome recently posted a video to the r/Minecraft Subreddit, which featured a special lightning effect that was created using a lightning rod.

Minecraft Redditor creates lighting effects using lightning rods

The short video by u/Man_Of_Awesome shows a player looking up at a few lights in the ceiling while standing in a hallway. The sound of thunder and lightning strike suddenly. The lights dimming and flickering suddenly causes the hallway to look haunted. Reddit users were also intrigued by the build and commented quickly on the Reddit post.

Reddit users thought it would make a great horror map.

Minecraft allows players to create many maps that will set the right atmosphere for horror. For setting the mood for a horror story, thunder and lightning are ideal. Redditors who saw this thread believed that flickering lightning would make a great addition to a horror map because of the added realism it brings to the game.

Redditors were curious to see the process.

Redditors were intrigued by the effect that caused Minecraft's lightning to flicker during a storm. Redditors were able to learn from u/Man_Of_Awesome, who explained in the comments that they used a lightning rod and redstone for the effect.

Redditors were keen to know if there was a tutorial.

This build by u/Man_Of_Awesome can certainly make any world seem spooky or more realistic. Redditors requested a tutorial to help them use this idea in their own builds. Unfortunately, this tutorial is not available at the moment.

Maybe there will be more lightning rods used in the future

It's possible that there will be a map in the future that uses this incredible flickering effect, as Redditors are showing so much interest in it.

Reddit is an amazing place for players to get inspiration for their builds. It is only a matter time before someone takes the incredible idea from u/Man_Of_Awesome, and builds on it.