MCPE MP not working

25th Dec, 2022

MCPE MP not working

Minecraft is an open-world, expansive sandbox videogame. Mojang Studios is the game's developer. It is the most popular video game ever. Minecraft: Pocket Edition, also known as MCPE (or PE), is a mobile version of Minecraft that was released before ver. 1.2.0. Pocket Edition introduced the Bedrock Engine. It was later ported to other platforms as four additional editions of Minecraft: Windows 10, Gear VR Edition and Apple TV Edition. The “Edition” subtitle was removed from all editions that received the Better Together Update. The official name of all these editions is now Minecraft. Minecraft is available for many platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS, Nintendo Switch as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4. These are some fixes and workarounds for Minecraft PE Multiplayer not working

Check your Internet Connection

Checking your internet connection is the first and best way to fix multiplayer problems in Minecraft PE. Also, ensure you have an internet connection that is fast and stable before you play multiplayer games.

Make sure the Minecraft Servers are Online

Server outages can also cause Minecraft PE multiplayer to stop working. It is crucial to check that servers are running before you play multiplayer. You can check the server status here.

Minecraft PE: Give your network access

Minecraft PE multiplayer requires internet access. The reason multiplayer fails to work in Minecraft PE is because there is no network access. Always check your settings to ensure Minecraft PE has access to the internet.

Reset Your Modem Or Router

To fix multiplayer problems in Minecraft PE, you can reset your Modem or WiFi router. The reason multiplayer fails to work is due to problems with your Modem/Router.

Log in to your Minecraft account again

In case you have multiplayer problems, you can log in and out of Minecraft. You can log back in after waiting to see if the multiplayer issue has been resolved.