Minecraft Server List: Ultimate Bedwars Minecraft Servers

15th Dec, 2022

Minecraft Server List: Ultimate Bedwars Minecraft Servers

Bedwars is perhaps one of the fastest-growing and increasingly popular games available in several Minecraft servers at present.

If you're not familiar with Bedwars, it's essentially a fun and exciting PvP game. Here, you spawn in a particular map, and you win by destroying other players' beds.  As long as your bed isn't destroyed, you can keep playing, meaning protecting your bed is of utmost importance!

Protecting your bed against other players and also searching and destroying their beds can be quite a fun experience. For this reason, many servers now incorporate Bedwars as a way to attract more active Minecraft gamers.

In this article, you'll come across the best Minecraft servers that feature Bedwars. So, keep reading to find out!

Top Bedwars Minecraft Servers

Here is a Minecraft server list featuring the best Bedwars that you can play today!

1.     Herobrine

Herobrine is downright one of the ultimate best Minecraft servers, with thousands of active Bedwars games users.

If you're one of those casual Minecraft Bedwars gamers, then you're going to love this server. That's because the network always has a decent number of players at all times to play with. Furthermore, you can easily and almost quickly grasp how their Bedwars mode works without any issue.

Apart from Bedwars, it also features several other game modes, including Sky Wars, Earth Towny, Factions, Skyblock, and Survival. The server announced a recent update regarding their Bedwars mode, claiming to make the performance more seamless for their users.

IP – Herobrine.org

2.     Hypixel

As the largest server for Minecraft, it comes as no surprise that Hypixel offers Bedwars. In fact, it's the first server to introduce Bedwars, so some even consider it the founders of the game. Nonetheless, similar games were still available before Hypixel introduced their version of Bedwars.

IP – Hypixel.net

3.     Jartex

Jartex is another fantastic Minecraft server that offers Bedwars. The unique part about this server's Bedwars is that it features all types of modes.

As such, you're free to choose and play whatever you want, from Bedwars solo, doubles, to triples or quadruples. In addition, there is also some interesting Bedwars map available on Jartex.

IP – Jartexnetwork.com

4.     Mineplex

Mineplex has been around for quite a long time and used to be among the largest servers.

While the number of players declined over the years, it still has a pretty consistent user base. The reason for this is due to the server's unique and fun game modes. The Mineplesx offers its own unique version of Bedwars and calls it Cakewars. It's a game every Minecraft should try once.

There are Cake Wars Quads and Cake Wars Duos available too. That said, you need to keep in mind that most players on Mineplex Cake Wars are not casual gamers. As such, it can be a bit challenging.

IP – Mineplex.com

5.     Bedwars.games

The Bedwars on Bedwars.game is pretty identical to the one on Herobine.org. The only difference is that the Bedwars.game offers a more challenging environment. The reason for this is because the server is mainly dominated by players who have more experience.

As such, it's a perfect server, especially if you're trying to refine your skills by fighting against more experienced gamers.

IP – Bedwars.games

6.     Sky Kingdoms

Sky Kingdoms is another excellent Minecraft server for anyone who enjoys Bedwars. The server also boasts a massive number of daily active players. On top of that, Sky Kingdoms also offer several other game modes that are typically available on every high-quality server.

While it offers a multiple awesome game modes, the Bedwars on Sky Kingdoms performs reasonably well for the server. Sky Kingdoms is one such server that is definitely worth trying, especially for avid fans of such game types. 

IP – Skykingdoms.net

7.     Mineland

If you're looking for a creative server, Mineland is your answer. Not only does it let you design your own mini-games, but it also hosts frequent contests and create builds.

And like any popular Minecraft server, it also boasts an active tight-knit Bedwars audience. Furthermore, Mineland offers a well-designed in-game economy, especially for this mode. Plus, it even rewards you with bonuses, including kits and other benefits.

Lastly, there are many unique maps on Mineland, making it an ideal server for all Minecraft Bedwars fans.

IP – hd.play-ml.ru

8.     Twerion

A German-speaking server for Minecraft, Twerion has seen steady growth in popularity. It boasts hundreds of active gamers each month. There are numerous game modes available on the server, including Bedwars.

Additionally, Twerion caters to both premium and cracked players, making it one of the top Minecraft servers for playing Bedwars.

9.     Blockdrop

Blockdrop offers a myriad of game modes that are typically available on most popular servers, like Survival, Creative, Skyblock, etc. Nonetheless, Bedwars is one of the server's main focuses.

The server even has an active player base for this game mode. Additionally, Blockdrop has some very stringent rules against cheating through hacking or other similar tactics. The server has also introduced a Sims-inspired mode known as City Life, which you might want to check out as well.

IP – Blockdrop.org


So, these are some of the top Minecraft servers that you can try for playing Bedwars. If you're a fan of Bedwars games, then you'll surely have a fun experience playing it on one of these servers.